An Update on the EMRSSP

I am so pleased to announce that Jeff Jundt, from the Detroit Zoo, was selected by the AZA Snake TAG Steering Committee to be the new Species Coordinator effective May 3, 2013.  Jeff has been an active SSP member from the beginning of our program and will bring his enthusiasm for the care and conservation of massasaugas into the future.

Looking back, this program is one of the most satisfying in my long and diverse zoo career.  Together, this wonderful group of more than 30 people from zoos, wildlife agencies, land management, and academia has many notable accomplishments – and of course, a few hurdles to still overcome.

Among the accomplishments is the formation of a functional SSP structure; in addition to Jeff Jundt as coordinator, Jeff Ettling (St. Louis Zoo) is Vice Chair, and John Adamski (Seneca Park Zoo) is Secretary.

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